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Dancing with the Stars Blog: Dancing with Jesse Week 2

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                This week was a wild week on Dancing with the stars, we saw the second of the two new styles added to the show……JAZZ!!!! What did you think of the jazz routines? There were for sure a lot of hits but also a lot of misses. Week 2 brought us the Quickstep, the Jive, and Jazz. So Monday night required high energy and fast footwork.  This week brought us the first elimination of the season, so the stars knew they had to step up in week 2 to stay in.

The night opened to the first quickstep of the season brought to us by Ingo and Kym, last week he had contemporary so it was good that we got to see him do a ballroom number. Overall he had fun, nice footwork and was well scored.

Unfortunately, the night wasn’t good for everyone. Dorothy Hamill and Tristan MacManus, Coming off an amazing first week, fell way way down with their jive. Dorothy was fighting an injury, so you got to give her props for pushing through, but she was (in my opinion) all over the place, she lost her footing, almost fell, and just looked defeated by the end. Her scores reflected with a 15.

On a higher note I LOVED LOVED LOVED Jacoby and Karina’s Jazz routine. It was sooooo cute. For a really tall and big guy, he moved with such ease. It reminded me of dancing in the street of New Orleans in the 1920’s. Just an overall good time with lots of fun was what I saw. He defiantly went up on my list. What did you think of it???

Speaking of awesome Jazz, I believe the contestant that is going to be the “dark horse” and is underestimated is Andy Dick with partner Shawna. They did a very cool Jazz number, it was extremely theatrical. I think he is getting a new found confidence with his dancing. I believe he was underscored. BOO!!!

I think the one everyone was gonna have their eye on was going to be comedian DL and partner Cheryl burke, because he had lowest score going into week two. He knew was going to have to step up his game this week. I will say that he did better than last week, but for me not enough to stay. We will see if he has what it takes to improve over time. What do you think????

Overall Monday night was filled with amazing come backs and fun themed dances, life guards, flight attendees, and mall cops!!!! And then came Tuesday.



Who was surprised!!!!! I did not see that coming at all. My mouth was hanging open. First of all can you believe that DL and Cheryl were safe???? That shocked to crap out of me man. The bottom two came down to (my pick) Victor Ortiz and Lisa Vanderpump. In my opinion neither deserved to be the first to go. My first thought was “isn’t it messed up that the couples in the bottom two, both have First year pros” Just goes to show you that the pros are just as popular as the stars. They were just about to eliminate someone when all of a sudden SURPRISE!!! Dorothy Hamill has an announcement!! At the end of the night Dorothy Hamill removed herself from the competition on doctor’s orders. It’s unfortunate because she really did have a lot of potential. But Victor and Lisa were spared for the week. Now the question remains. Who would have gone home Victor Ortiz or Lisa Vanderpump?????? We will never know! Who do you think would have gone home had Dorothy not left?? I wanna he hear your thoughts on the week.

Eliminated Couple

Dorothy Hamill and Tristan MacManus


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