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Dancing with the Stars Blog: Dancing with Jesse Week 3

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It was prom week on Dancing With The Stars and there were limos plus tuxedoes EVERYWHERE. The night started really nicely with a huge group number as the couples battled it out to gain votes via twitter for prom King and Queen. The judges had no say in this portion of the dancing so it was good to see all the stars really let loose and just have fun with it.

The night began with my favorite dance (as you all know), a beautiful Viennese Waltz done by Olympic Gymnast Aly and her partner Mark Ballas. Now I will say that every year I always look forward to a Viennese Waltz choreographed by Mark, he always has such beautiful creations. This time was no exception. It was such an emotional dance and I think Aly danced it beautifully. Just the way they moved around the dance floor, it almost took on a contemporary look but yet it was still a Viennese Waltz. I also really love love love the song. I went out and got it immediately.  NO BODY DANCE TO IT!! I GOT DIBS!! LOL.  The rehearsal footage had it looking like she was gonna have trouble, but in the end Aly and Mark turned it out.

My vote for best come back goes to my man Victor Ortiz and partner Lindsay. They had contemporary this week which was good because he got to show his emotional side and really let loose and lose himself in this dance. I thought they did really well and created very beautiful shapes and lifts together. YAY VICTOR!!!!!

OK OK OK I could not do this blog without commenting on the dance that I know everyone went bug eyed on. What was with Sean and Peta’s Cha Cha? I mean was that for real???? Yes it made all laugh and it was cute, but where was the Cha Cha? I personally did not like it. I thought it was campy and corny, but all the women love him so of course he is safe.

The only samba of the night went to Wynonna and Tony. I was looking forward to this dance, samba is one of my favorites, they had a kick butt song, their costumes totally rocked, but what was I given…….. A complete lack luster performance. I honestly don’t think Wynonna gave it her all on that samba. She literally walked right through it. There was no samba bounce, no jiggle, did she even smile???? As much as I hate to say it, she did deserve the lowest score.



And this year’s prom king and queen (as voted by America via twitter) went to……………………

Jacoby = King

Zendaya = Queen

The night opened up to this announcement. With Dorothy and Tristan leaving the comp last week, it’s all more real for the couples that people were indeed going to end up leaving the show and no one wanted to be that second couple. As the night wore on couples were being saved including your faves Kellie and Derek, Aly and Mark, (my man) Victor and Lindsay. Last week housewife Lisa Vanderpump found herself in the bottom two, but this week she did indeed step up and rewarded with being safe. This week’s bottom two went to Andy Dick and Wynonna Judd. I was on edge because I honestly didn’t want either to go; to me there were more deserved celebs that should have gone. But in the end Wynonna’s lack luster samba was what did her in. She thanked everyone for her support and her for helping her conquer a fear. Good for her. One more week down, another to go. What does fate have in store for the stars next week? Tune in to see!





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