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Dancing with the Stars Blog: Dancing with Jesse Week 4

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            OK Everybody!!!!! This week I think everyone stepped it up and then some!!!!! My opinion was, no one did terrible. It was the week of “Your favorite year in your life” and let me tell you, some of these routines had me in tears and cheering on my sofa!!! What was your opinion of the night? We had a variety of different dances, and a new leader has emerged in the rankings.

The night opened with (My Favorite dance) the beautiful and elegant Viennese Waltz by the bachelor star Sean Lowe and partner Peta. Sean picked 2012 as his favorite year, because it was when he was the bachelor and met the love of his life Catherine. LOL. I thought the sentiment was so beautiful, but then again I am a huge Bachelor Fan, (YES EVERYONE I ADMIT IT!!!) so I watched his season. The dance was, I thought, one of his best, way better than that Cha Cha last week. It was ended beautifully with a kiss from Catherine AHHHHH!!! (Tear)

A new leader emerged in the stars. In young Aly and partner Mark Ballas, who danced a contemporary routine. Aly chose the 2012, the year she competed and won gold representing the USA in London Olympics. Now I am a huge huge, huge Olympics fan and I remember seeing her win that gold. I can’t even fathom how proud she must have been to represent her country in that moment. Rightfully so, she wanted to dance just as proud as that day. They took on a contemporary number. One thing I know in gymnastics is you’re not allowed to show emotion on the floor so I wondered how she would fare, but she totally blew my mind. I believed what she was trying to convey in her dancing. In my opinion she should have gotten at least on 10. Now she is at the top lets see if she can stay there. What did you think?!?!?!

This week was all about the “come back” the comedians of the show both stepped it up hard this week. Andy Dick and D.L. Hughley both had their best dances of the season. OK EVERYONE!!! I actually like Andy Dick on the show; he is giving it his all, and in my opinion, is actually improving. I thought he had one of the, if not the best Viennese Waltz of the night. It brought me to tears just like Carrie Ann Inaba. He dedicated it to his daughter who was in the crowd supporting her father (tear) OK EVERYONE I’M MAKING A PROCLAMATION!!! I am planning on voting for Andy and Sharna. Last Monday he earned my respect and my vote. Well you know my opinion, what’s yours????

Speaking of which Andy’s fellow comedian DL hugely and partner Cheryl stepped up with his Foxtrot and earned his highest score to date. I think he is finally starting to relax and just have fun with his dancing. Now even though it wasn’t the best foxtrot in the world, it for sure was his best dance. Good for him. I am a proud viewer.

One of the major surprises we found out early in the show was whether or not Real Housewives star Lisa Vanderpump would even perform her Cha Cha at the end of the night. Stressed from her hectic schedule, Lisa apparently passed out in the middle of her rehearsal and was advised by Doctors NOT to dance, but being the trooper that she is Lisa stepped up to the plate and danced her Cha Cha. Major props to Lisa for getting out there and performing on the dance floor. However, her dance was not the best and she landed at the bottom of the leader board.

To be completely honest everybody danced amazing this week and the stars are to be commended this week. I did not want to see ANYONE go home, but unfortunately that’s the name of the game.


Elimination Day

It’s the third elimination of the season, and no one wants to go. By this time all the stars are very invested emotionally as we could tell from Monday nights show. Before we got to any elimination we got to see a very inspiring performance by a young beautiful ballet dancer named Brilynn Rakes, 17; she danced with pro Derek Hough. Brilynn was born legally blind and can only see 10 feet in front of her. So to see her get out there and dance was amazing. She was definitely an inspiration to us all. As the night went on we discovered who was safe and in jeopardy. The bottom two were the two stars who scored the lowest scores, Lisa and Gleb with (my man) Victor and Lindsay. While Lisa’s efforts on Monday were to be respected, it was not enough to save her, and she was eliminated.

Eliminated couple

Lisa Vanderpump and Gleb Savchenko



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