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Dancing with the Stars Blog: Dancing with Jesse Week 6

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This week was STEVIE WONDER WEEK on Dancing with the Stars. The couples performed to some of the greatest songs of all time. The show opened with a duet from the legendary icon himself, Stevie Wonder, with up and coming country artist Hunter Hayes. Believe it or not Stevie has been rumored in the past to compete on DWTS but it never happened. Who knows? Maybe we will see him on the dance floor next season. Plus, this week saw the return of the Team Dances. We saw as Team Paso and Team Samba went head to head. What did you think of the Team Dances this season????

First to open the show was last week’s leader Zendaya and Val, who danced Cha Cha and was over scored by the judges. I believe that the she did an amazing job, don’t get me wrong, but not good enough to get 10’s again. They received a near perfect score of 29. I felt like her actions could have been a little tighter, but you can tell she really is a show person and loves to perform. It comes out in her dancing. It is no secret she is a favorite to make the finals.

Unfortunately, the night wasn’t as forth coming for everyone. My new fave Andy Dick and partner Sharna took a few steps backward this week with their Samba. The Latin dances haven’t been Andy’s strong suit, that’s no secret, but I thought because he’s been doing so much better that he could totally rock it. No one can say he didn’t give it his all, but the quality of Samba just was not there for me. To me it looked like he was chasing his partner and trying to keep up with her. What did you think?

Stuck in the middle of the pack, yet again, soap star Ingo and partner Kym who took the dramatic Tango. Once again, and I say this every week about him, it was just ok. He has yet to really wow me. He has never been at the top of the board nor at the bottom. Ingo is just scraping by week by week. If he wants to win this thing he really needs to step up his game. We shall see what the coming weeks will have in store for him.

More of the coveted 10’s came out for another lucky couple. After the first 10’s of the season we given last week Country singer Kellie Pickler and partner Derek Hough had their eyes set on them. The couple danced the Quickstep this week, calling for good posture and maintaining a frame throughout the whole dance. It is a given the Kellie is amazing dancer, so it was no surprise that she rocked it. Her frame was great, she was light on her feet, moved elegantly across the floor, plus Derek didn’t mess up the choreography (as we saw in the rehearsal footage.) They tied for first with a 29 near perfect score.

Team Dances took to the floor next. Team Samba consisted of Kellie & Derek, Aly & Mark, Andy & Sharna, and Sean & Peta. Team Paso had Zendaya & Val, Victor & Lindsay, Jacoby & Karina, and Ingo & Kym.


I liked the costumes for team Paso very much, but as far as the dancing I actually thought some of pros performed better in the team dance than on their solos. Every now and then they lost synchronicity, but performed admirably. They scored a 22.


I was a little worried for team Samba because the rehearsal footage showed them having a little trouble. So the question became, will they pull it together come show night? They did just that! I loved the dance. Not the best team dance I’ve seen on the show, but for sure better than team Paso. They kept in sync the entire time and solos were great. What was funny was that two of the celebs had just performed Samba earlier that night as their solos. LOL. The team scored a 24.

Elimination Night

            The Bottom two was revealed to be “My pick” Victor Ortiz and Bachelor star Sean Lowe. Both had very lack luster performances the night before. One did samba the other Rumba, both were stiff and had no hip action. The entire night I had a funny feeling that my pick Victor was going to be eliminated. I just had a funny feeling in my gut. It was just his time to go.

Eliminated Couple



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