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Dancing with the Stars Blog: Dancing with Jesse Week 7

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This week was Latin week on Dancing with the Stars! The Stars had to get ready for red, hot, steaming, Latin style dancing. Hips, hips, and more hips!!!!! The Stars had a lot at stake this week because for the first time in DWTS’s 16 seasons something was being given to the top scoring couple of the night……….. Immunity!!! The top scoring couple would not be eliminated the next night. With that looming over everyone’s head the stars had to step up. Plus the remaining couples would have a dance off, for an extra 3 points.

I’ll just come out right now and say it!!!! My favorite of the night was Aly and Mark with their Salsa. We were all worried that Mark would not dance, because we saw during the rehearsal footage that mark had tweaked his back, but he pulled through for his celebrity and they delivered. Everything just worked in their favor, from their wardrobe, the scene they set, the choreography, and the song. I defy anyone to watch that routine and not laugh and smile. πŸ™‚ They scored a near perfect 29. In my opinion Aly should make the final three.

Another salsa of the night was performed by NBA star Jacoby and partner Karina. Every week Jacoby brings his big personality to his dancing which makes him a pleasure to watch. They performed admirably and scored a respectable 27.

Kellie and Derek performed the only Samba of the night. Derek Hough is pretty well known for choreographing amazing sambas and this time was no disappointment. Kellie is just a naturally gifted dancer and always delivers. She scored a near to perfect 29 with the judges, therefore creating a tie for first place with Aly and Mark. In the event of a tie the Immunity was awarded to the couple (out of the two) with the highest cumulative judge’s scores since week 1. In the end Kellie and Derek were awarded the Immunity and would not be eliminated the next night nor would have to face the dance offs.

The rest of the solo routines went off without a hitch. Then came the dance offs. Three highest scoring couples would choose which of the remaining couples they would dance against, but the couple chosen would choose the dance between Rumba, Jive, and Cha Cha.

Dance Off # 1
Ali and Mark chose to face Andy and Sharna who chose to dance Cha Cha. The judges would select the winner and award three extra points. Aly and Mark started the dance off first obviously doing an amazing job, Andy and Sharna went second and unfortunately did not fare well. I believe it was strategy on Aly’s part to pick someone she knew she could beat. The judges declared the winner Aly and Mark unanimously

Dance Off # 2
Zendaya and Val chose to face Jacoby and Karina who chose the Jive. This was a face off that could have gone either way for me. Two amazingly talented couples one very technically correct and the other personality shining through. Zendya and Val went first and of course did well, but to me it wasn’t her best. Then Jacoby and Karina went and killed it, but he needs to work on pointing his feet. That was his critique the first time he did the jive. In the end the judges awarded Zendya and Val the winner but I feel Jacoby and Karina should have won. What do you think?

Dance Off # 3
Sean and Peta were left to face Ingo and Kym in the Rumba. Ironically both couples had just performed a Rumba solo earlier that night and did not fare well with the judges so we got to see if they took the judges comments to heart with their second chance. Sean and Peta kicked it off, keeping it safe by dancing some of the same choreography they did earlier, Sean had very little hip action, but he was more in character of the rumba than his previous dances which was a plus in his favor. Second was Ingo and Kym, who danced slightly different steps than earlier. Good risk. In my opinion they performed better than earlier that night. In a split decision 2 to 1 the judges awarded the points to Ingo and Kym.

All this happening while Kellie and Derek watched safely from the comfort of the Sky box.

Elimination Night

Elimination night was a little emotional for us here in the Arthur Murray world. Adrianne Haslet, an instructor at Arthur Murray Boston, was featured on the show. Adrianne and her husband were some of the many victims in the Boston Marathon bombing, resulting in the loss of Adrianne’s left foot. We saw Adrianne tell her story on the show, and we are all very proud of how strong she is and wish her nothing but the best for her and her family. She made a promise to the world to take the dance floor again one day. Who knows? Maybe we will see her in dawning beautiful sequins again on a future results show. Keep a look out.

Andy and Sharna were the couple eliminated. He may not have been the best dancer, but he had fun and in my eyes, improved dramatically. Unfortunately it was his time to go. He can say that he went out with his head held high. Props to Andy!!!

Eliminated Couple

Andy Dick and Sharna Burgess


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