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Dancing with the Stars Blog: Dancing with Jesse Week 8

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This week was one hectic week on DWTS. The stars had to learn two full routines for the Monday night performance show. Round one called for their normal solos, round two was the Trio Round where the couples invited another pro to dance with them. The Trio round was first introduced last season and was such a big hit with viewers, including myself. I was extremely looking forward to it and the night did not disappoint let me tell you. We saw the first perfect score of the season this week. It was a race to the Semi-Finals and the stars had to step up their game.

ROUND 1: Solos

The show kicked off with the star that has been holding her own as the youngest competitor this season, Zendaya and partner Val kicked things off with a Foxtrot. To be completely honest I did not like the dress nor the song, but I can’t take away the fact that she danced beautifully. Not her best dance as far as I’m concerned, but a good start to the night. They Scored a near perfect 29.
My favorite dance was performed twice last night!!!! That’s right ya’ll, Kellie and Derek as well as Jacoby and Karina performed the Viennese waltz Monday night. Ok everyone, am I the only who is noticing that every Viennese Waltz Derek Hough choreographs looks the freaking same!!!!!???? He has put the same moves in every Viennese Waltz he has done for the past 4 seasons. YouTube them!! I dare you! Meanwhile on the other side of the ballroom Jacoby and Karina performed a beautiful Viennese Waltz. We all knew he doesn’t like being in a frame, but he pulled through very nicely and the judges praised him. I thought they did better than Kellie and Derek.
On the low end of the leader board this week was Bachelor star Sean Lowe and partner Peta who had to perform a Tango. You could see in the rehearsal footage that Sean really wanted to do well, and worked really hard, but unfortunately Monday was just a big letdown for me. Bad posture, bad footwork, and couple of slip ups here and there, need I go on? They got a disappointing 21 from the judges.

Coming off the high from last week’s AMAZING Salsa routine Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman and partner Mark Ballas got to perform the sexy Argentine Tango. This would prove quite the challenge as the Argentine Tango is a very difficult, adult dance. Could young Aly show that sexy seductive side? After last week’s salsa I had no doubt. Aly and Mark did not disappoint in the least. Scoring a near perfect 29 from the judges. YAY!!!!

ROUND 2: Trio Dances

First up were Zendaya and Val who chose to dance Salsa with eliminated pro Gleb. WOW! WOW! Is all I have to say!!!! Zendaya rivaled some of the professionals in that routine, for me it was not only the best routine of the night, but of the season, and will go down as one of the top routines in DWTS history. Of course they scored a perfect 30!!! The first perfect score of the season that was well deserved and earned!!!
Ingo and Kym did the Jive with eliminated pro Lindsay. To me it was once again just ok. I honestly think that Ingo has just checked out officially. He looks like he doesn’t want to be there. It showed in his jive which was cheesy and lackluster.
One trio the judges had a freakin uproar over was Kellie and Derek’s Paso Doble with pro Tristan McManus. Two of the judges praised it, one HATED it. I thought it was very dark and didn’t utilize the third pro that well. Len Goodman called it a hodge-podge of junk, not a real Paso Doble. Len gave them a measly 7 to the other’s 10’s.

Overall the Trio dances were a huge success with fans and the judges, albeit some more than others, but for sure the night did not disappoint. It was going to be tight race for the Semi’s. At the end of the night we found out that we, the American public, would get to choose the dances for our favorite celebs via twitter. Dances that are not performed on the show that often and one that has never been done before. Our choices were Afro-Jazz, Hip Hop, Charleston, Lindy Hop, Flamenco, and Disco.

Elimination Night

Elimination night was amazing. With a race to the Semi-Finals on the line one could physically see the couples sweating it out with anticipation of the results, but first we got to see the much coveted encore performance. The judges chose to see the dance that earned the season’s first perfect score of 30, Zendaya and Val’s Salsa trio with Gleb Savchenko and why wouldn’t they? That routine was freakin amazing, I could watch it over and over again. The first couple to find they were in jeopardy was, believe it or not, Kellie and Derek. (We all know they were in no real danger, the show just wanted to add some drama) The next couple in jeopardy was Sean and Peta, no surprise there. He was my prediction to go home this week. Then finally Jacoby and Karina we the last couple to round out the “bottom” 3. In the end the couple eliminated was Bachelor Star Sean and pro Peta. He gave it his all, good for him. I commend him for his efforts; on the bright side he will have a kick-butt wedding dance. LOL.

Eliminated Couple:

Sean Lowe and Peta Murgatroyd


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