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Dancing with the Stars Blog: Dancing with Jesse Week 9

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            10’s 10’s 10’s!!!!!!!!! 10’s for everyone!!!! (Except Ingo & Kym) On Monday night’s semi finals 4 out of 5 couples received a perfect score of 30 from the judges on at least one of their routines. Its was for sure, without a doubt the most intense semi finals ever as everyone was racing ever so much closer towards that mirror ball trophy. Next week we have the Finals on DWTS and for the first time we are going to have 4 couples instead of the usual 3. This week also marked a special achievement for Dancing with the Stars as Tuesday night the 16 season reality show marked its 300th episode. YAY!!!!!

The night was split into two rounds. Round 1 was everyone performing their normal solos. Round 2 was the viewer’s choice dance (the star would perform the dances assigned to them by America)

ROUND 1: Solos

            The Monday night performance show kicked off with Kellie and Derek dancing the Argentine Tango. I had a feeling that Kellie would excel in this dance when she got the chance to perform it. I loved how they started in silhouette, it really showed the beautiful lines the dance requires. Well deserved perfect 30.

Kellie and Derek really set the mood as to where the night was going, because the 10’s just kept on coming. Olympic gymnast Aly and Mark came out with a Rumba to take your breath away. I think because she had Argentine Tango last week, it helped her in the Rumba in terms of her maturity level. She really kept the momentum from last week going and a perfect score of 30 for her Rumba was awarded to her. Plus she had a beautiful outfit.

Jacoby and Karina were on a mission this week as the have yet to get the 10 from head judge Len Goodman. They had to perform the alluring and seductive Argentine Tango for their first dance. From the rehearsal footage we saw the Jacoby was having trouble with this dance, getting the steps correct and such, then to add insult to injury (literally) while practicing a trick Karina injured her jaw was sent to the hospital. How would they do come show night?? FREAKING AMAZING!!! That’s how!!!! Jacoby had this cool, calm, collected that enhanced his performance. When score time came Jacoby got what he was after, as he finally received that 10 from Len earning him his first perfect score, and one extremely happy mother who was sitting in the crowd with her own 10 paddle since week 1. Awwww!

Ingo and Kym went into this week self proclaiming them as the underdog. And lets be real we all knew that they were. Coming out in round 1 with a Samba, which was better than expected, but still lacked hip action and bounce, earning themselves a respectable 24, but making them the lowest scoring couple at the end of round 1.

ROUND 2: Viewer’s Choice

In round 2 we got to see the couples perform a dance that we the viewers chose. Including the much anticipated Afro-Jazz. When I got a look at Aly and Mark’s outfits I knew we had something interesting on our hands.

First up were Kellie and Derek who already had a perfect score, and were coming into round 2 with Flamenco. I think having Argentine and Flamenco in the same week was a definite advantage for Kellie. Both dances require the use of beautiful lines, but the Flamenco footwork is very intricate and I think she dealt with it very well. I don’t think it was her best dance, but still very impressive. She earned a 28.

Performing the first Afro-Jazz in the history of DWTS were Mark and Aly. Talk about two polar opposite dances in one night, a mean Rumba and Afro-Jazz, REALLY?? They were dressed in extreme traditional African tribal garb. I honestly don’t know how to critique this dance, but what I CAN do is critique Aly. She for sure embraced the dance, and went full force out with it. As a dance I really enjoyed it, I think Mark did a great job and had the toughest piece to choreograph, but they both rose to the challenge and garnered an impressive near perfect 29.

Tying for First place of the night with Jacoby and Karina, who performed a Lindy Hop for their viewer choice dance. Lindy Hop was the dance Jacoby was hoping to get, (and considering he doesn’t point his feet in Jive, Lindy Hop would be a good fit). One thing Jacoby had going for him in this dance was his larger than life personality, which makes him a joy to watch. His Lindy was fun, energetic, and high spirited. Of course it earned him a near perfect 29.

Doing the Charleston was underdog Ingo and Kym, I think at this point Ingo just went out there to have fun; didn’t try to impress the judges or anything. Ended up being his best dance of the season but still was the only star to no receive a perfect score on at least one of his dances.

Elimination Night

The results show marked the Celebration of DWTS’s 300th episode a feet that not many reality shows hit. Who would have know, when the show first began back in 2005 that a little unknown thing like ballroom dancing would grow to be this huge. Truly amazing!

This season turned out to be a tad different as we found out that for the first time there would four couples in the finals, instead of the usual three. We all knew who “should” go home. Right?  Ingo and Kym did an interview after the performance and Ingo said that he knew he was going. Ask and you shall receive. Ingo and Kym were eliminated. Leaving the four highest scoring couples to duke it out in the finals. This is truly going to be the most competitive finals in the history of DWTS. Any of them could win, all of them I think deserve it. I know who my vote is going to what about you?

Eliminated Couple

Ingo Rademacher and Kym Johnson



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