Kinsey Reshaw has always had a passion for dancing. She took a lessons in contemporary style of dancing as a kid and fell in love with it immediately. Coming from a talented family in the performing arts, she has always been supported in her choice to continue to dance. Kinsey was able to take ballroom dance classes at Riverside Community College while completing her general education with a focus in Military Psychology. Having the need to always help people where ever she could on the weekends she would volunteer at the No Drama Ranch where she helped special needs patients of all ages with Therapeutic horse back riding. She loved seeing the improvement in them from week to week. While at the ranch she thought if you can do therapy with horse and special needs why not with dancing and military personnel. Doing this would combine two of her favorite pastimes dancing and helping people while having fun.
Kinsey has been an avid social dancer for the past 6 years. Going out dancing several times a week when she had the time. This introduced her to the world of country dancing. She now knows numerous line dances and all the partnership country dances. When Kinsey joined the Arthur Murray family her dancing was brought into a whole new level. Now she is certified in everything from the traditional ballroom dances, to the steamy latin dances, to country, and even swing dancing. Kinsey will help take your dancing to the next level through her passion for helping others, and through the many benefits of dancing. Kinsey just wants to be able to pass on the joy that she feels when she dances to the rest of the world. And she’ll start her mission by dancing with you!

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