Ryker started dancing in elementary school. At the end of each year, it was required for every grade to go out and do a big dance number in front of the whole school. Ryker enjoyed it so much that, every day, after class, Ryker would stick around and practice the dance on his own.

Dancing chased him all the way to middle school and high school, where they taught many varieties of line dances choreographed by the school. He loved every minute of it.

In Ryker’s senior year of high school, he was talked into giving Ballroom Dancing a try by his Grandmother. Hesitant, Ryker gave it a try at this very studio, Arthur Murray of Temecula, and fell in love with it very quickly. He enjoyed it so much, that he decided to make it his career. Ryker is now determined to move up in the dancing world and become the best teacher, and best dancer he can be.

Ryker now social dances almost every weekend outside of the studio, because he just can’t get enough of dancing!

Ryker’s always had an ear for music, loving all genres. If you hear a song at the studio, there’s a large chance that he knows the lyrics, and you might just catch him singing them as he dances across the floor.

With his patience, he can help you with any step you need help with. Ryker is very excited to be teaching you in the future. So get excited, get pumped, because Ryker is ready to roll!

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